Individual Health Insurance

Kerr-Boswell has a variety of plans and carriers to help you find the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

Products we offer include:

Group Medical
Designed for individuals and families who prefer the convenience of a traditional copay plan or deductible plan for routine health care expenses.
Health Savings Accounts or HSA
Lower cost, high-deductible plans combined with a tax-favored savings account for more control over health care expenses..
High Deductible
A suitable choice for individuals and families who choose to take responsibility for routine health care expenses.
Short-Term Medical
Designed to help fill gaps in insurance coverage during times of transition and change.
Student Coverage
Essential medical-care coverage for students.
Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage
When it comes to choosing your Medicare plan coverage, deciding on the right plan can sometimes seem difficult. The good news is that you can get help choosing a solution that's just right for you.
Personal Disability
Can replace a portion of your income if you get sick or injured and are unable to work. It can help you and your family maintain your standard of living. Options are available that can provide essential coverage while meeting most family budgets.
Long Term Care
Gives you the freedom to participate in choosing the type and location of care that best meets your personal needs. It can help cover such services as home health aides, adult day care, assisted living facilities and nursing home care, costs usually not covered by ordinary health insurance and Medicare.

Our staff provides the following services:

Personal Evaluation
We at Kerr-Boswell/Tri-Cities are able to assist you in choosing a personal benefit plan that meets your family needs and budget..
A servicing agent helps you with any claim problems you may be experiencing. As your plan remains in place for a number of years, servicing issues do decline as you become more familiar with the program and benefits. Even with familiarity and internal help, we are called upon many times during the year to help with a variety of issues including out-of-network exceptions, balancing billing issues and claims issues. It is our duty to resolve these problems. We are very happy to report that in the vast majority of cases in which we are involved, the resolution has been to the satisfaction of the member.
Understanding Your Benefits
When changing plans, working with providers and helping you understand your new program is the key to success. No network or benefit plan will completely match a plan that is being replaced. We work with you to insure as smooth a transition as possible.
We believe that the most compelling reason to allow Kerr-Boswell to act as your representative is "knowledge". We know the companies that have local networks and those that are national in scope. We know the companies that are "niche" marketers and those that will take more risk for our clients. In insurance, size does matter! With the large number of personal health policies Kerr-Boswell has with various insurance companies, they do listen to our requests and we can put this power to work for you.