Employee Benefits

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of benefit products and carriers that will fit all of your employee benefits needs. We work closely with you to determine the best products that will be cost-effective for you.

Products we offer include:

Group Medical
These plans can be designed for any size group from two employees to hundreds. Our staff has years of experience in creating comprehensive, flexible, and cost-effective benefit programs for our clients.
These products can be voluntary or employer-paid and can be sold individually.
This coverage is a part of a group medical plan or is a voluntary product.
Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Disability
Group life is an inexpensive way to provide protection to the families of your employees in the event of their death or severe accidental injury.
Short Term Disability
Protects the income of your employees in the event of an illness or injury that prevents them from doing their job. Coverage usually extends from one week to two years.
Employee Retirement Plans
Allows employees to contribute toward their retirement savings through various retirement plans.
Voluntary Products
Offers a wide range of benefits that may be offered to your employees and paid by them through payroll deductions.

Our staff provides the following services:

Claims Assistance
A servicing agent helps assist with any claim problems members of the plan may be experiencing. As a plan remains in place for a number of years, servicing issues do decline as the enrollees become more familiar with the program and benefits. Even with familiarity and internal help, we are called upon many times during the year to help with a variety of issues including out-of-network exceptions, balancing billing issues and wrongful denials. It is our duty to resolve these problems according to the contract between our clients and the selected carrier. We are very happy to report that in the vast majority of cases in which we are involved, the resolution has been to the satisfaction of the member.
Local Knowledge
We believe that the most compelling reason to allow Kerr-Boswell to act as your representative is local knowledge. We know the companies that have local networks and those that are national in scope. We know the companies that are "niche" marketers and those that will take more risk for our clients. We have helped some insurance companies develop their plans and have had input into plan designs. An out-of-area consultant would not have this knowledge. In insurance, size does matter! With the large number of groups Kerr-Boswell has with various insurance companies, they do listen to our requests and we can put this power to work for you and your employees.
Human Resources and Compliance
All of our groups will have access to our website. Visit the Contact Us page to submit questions about insurance, COBRA, HIPPA, or any Human Resource problem that may arise. We will have an answer to you within 72 hours of receiving your request.
We do more than most agents. We provide on-site customer service meetings, a toll free number for your employees to call to help relieve you of privacy issues, we schedule meetings with the insurance representative for pre-renewal meetings and resolution of service issues and we get involved with the local providers to help with claim filing problems.
Understanding Your Benefits
When changing carriers, working with providers and helping employees understand their new program is the key to success. No network or benefit plan will completely match a plan that is being replaced. We work with you and your employees to insure as smooth a transition as possible.